Cover versions

It should be pretty clear from the history of this blog – Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Alan Moore’s Marvelman, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the disgusted reaction to Before Watchmen before it even came out – that I’m an Alan Moore fan. Most readers of comics are, by default, Alan Moore fans. If you’re my … Continue reading

Look what you made

Rereading Zenith Phase IV by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell. Alan Moore’s influence on Grant Morrison has always been a vexed question. In Supergods, which I haven’t read, he apparently admits that Zenith was pitched halfway between Paradax and Miracleman, between shiny pop culture weird fun and heavy-browed seriousness. Zenith the character represents the former, … Continue reading

What do you think of our brave new world?

Rereading Miracleman Book Five by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. Throughout Book Four there was a series of shorts I didn’t mention appearing in each issue. Titled Retrieval, and usually covering two four-panel pages per issue, they followed a remote drone into underspace and through the immense wardrobe of bodies to the pulverised corpse of … Continue reading

Perfection isn’t anything

Rereading Miracleman Book Four, by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. One of the more frequent criticisms of Before Watchmen, which this post isn’t about, is that the various mini-series cannot present anything new. Because they’re bound to be faithful to the original, because they’re prequels, and because the significant parts of each characters’ past have … Continue reading

The view from Olympus

Rereading Miracleman Book Three by Alan Moore and John Totleben. Marvelman and V for Vendetta were once part of the same universe. Well, in point of fact they never were by any objective yardstick: they never crossed over, they never interacted through any other shared events or characters, one is thirty years older than the other, … Continue reading

The careless and foggy continuum

Rereading Marvelman Book Two by Alan Moore, Alan Davis, Chuck Beckum, Rick Veitch, John Ridgway, and Rick Bryant. Remember that scene, close to the end of Book Two of V for Vendetta, where Evey enters the Shadow Gallery and realises where she’s been all along? The first full-page splash, simple and stunning, in a comic … Continue reading

Why didn’t we realise what they were doing to our lives?

Rereading Marvelman/Miracleman Book One by Alan Moore, Garry Leach and Alan Davis.  Writing about the early days of Swamp Thing was writing about a vanished world, where readers chose their comics by rifling through the sheaf on the shelves of their local newsagent, where fill-in issues appeared as regularly as annuals and any comic more than … Continue reading