Following last week’s post on the greatest of all Great Britain’s superheroes, I’m taking a break from regular blogging for what could be a fortnight or a month. I hope to still post occasionally – it’s this blog’s first birthday on Tuesday so I’ll try to put something together for then – but I started … Continue reading

I blogged from another universe

A guest post I wrote for Bob Temuka’s fine comics blog The Tearoom of Despair has been published. Bob invited me to write, alongside a host of much more distinguished bloggers, while he was in the UK. Unknown to him I’d been considering asking if I could write one of his Another Universe series for … Continue reading


In travelling from Swamp Thing #21, The Anatomy Lesson and the first real issue of Alan Moore’s run through to Swamp Thing #171, the final issue of Mark Millar’s run, I wanted to set boundaries. Beginning before the Mature Readers revolution in the mainstream happened, in the dark corner that the Dark Age first grew … Continue reading

On having no readers

I’m a month and a bit into this blog now, five weekly entries and four supplementary posts, and I have no readers. That’s not entirely true; I’ve had one reader, which frankly spooked me a little, and occasionally someone looks in while looking for something more useful. But otherwise the graph of posts viewed on … Continue reading

Beginning a journey

Time is weird in comics. It’s weird on the page, the panel-to-panel transitions that can be seconds or minutes or years. But the relationship between time and the story and time and the reader is warped as well. The characters of 25 years ago are no older today. The medium, which seemed on the cusp … Continue reading