Preach to the yout’ dem

Rereading Third World War by Pat Mills, Malachy Coney, Alan Mitchell and various artists. Like a Detective Comics reader ignoring Batman, like a 2000AD reader never mentioning Judge Dredd, I’ve written about all kinds of stuff that appeared in Crisis but never mentioned its tentpole franchise. Third World War, written by Pat Mills and others … Continue reading

Crisis of identity

I haven’t written about everything that appeared in Crisis. When I write about Third World War I’ll probably have covered more than half the stuff that appeared in its pages, because Third World War was close to half of what appeared in its pages. I wrote about New Statesmen in an early series of blogs … Continue reading

A job like this just isn’t his style: Dave Gibbons and Before Watchmen

As the release of the first Before Watchmen comics approaches, the internet arguments about it gradually lose their colour and intensity. After the first fortnight they became ritualised, each side knowing their lines and reciting with little variation: the anti-BW arguments dropping Kirby and Siegel and Shuster and creators’ rights, the pro-BW throwing up the … Continue reading

The problem of covers

I’m sorry about the image directly below this post, the one that’s the feature image for the post about Mark Millar’s first run of solo issues, the post titled Everything You Once Were. I’ve hated visiting my own blog this week and seeing its ugliness. The knotted-rope Swamp Thing, the 70s-shag-pile orange of the background, … Continue reading