Hiatus over

I thought to myself, at the start of the current hiatus back in April, “maybe I’ll give myself six weeks this time.” More like six months. Which isn’t, for a blog, any good. In my defence it’s not been a content-free six months, with posts I’d planned for a while on journalism, comics, art and … Continue reading

Cerebus and the outsiders

The exhibition was called The Alternative Guide to the Universe, which was a misleading compromise of a title. If anything, it was a collection of guides; a polyphony of self-appointed authorities. Had the show at the Hayward Gallery, which goes on until the end of August and I’d recommend going to, been a fashion collection … Continue reading


Writing about Crisis was an unplanned excursion but a fun one, giving me the chance to cover something new every week that was often wildly different than the week before. There’s a lot of ground between Bible John and Third World War and Skin, after all.  Next I plan, as promised about six months or … Continue reading

What was Suggested for Mature Readers: the results

A few days ago, I asked if anyone could remember what the DC Mature Readers titles were that didn’t end up as part of the Vertigo line. Commenters nieljacoby, Aman Withastrangename and Richard responded, reminding me of a few and pointing me in the right direction to find others. My unscientific approach has been to … Continue reading


Following last week’s post on the greatest of all Great Britain’s superheroes, I’m taking a break from regular blogging for what could be a fortnight or a month. I hope to still post occasionally – it’s this blog’s first birthday on Tuesday so I’ll try to put something together for then – but I started … Continue reading

Perfection isn’t anything

Rereading Miracleman Book Four, by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. One of the more frequent criticisms of Before Watchmen, which this post isn’t about, is that the various mini-series cannot present anything new. Because they’re bound to be faithful to the original, because they’re prequels, and because the significant parts of each characters’ past have … Continue reading

The careless and foggy continuum

Rereading Marvelman Book Two by Alan Moore, Alan Davis, Chuck Beckum, Rick Veitch, John Ridgway, and Rick Bryant. Remember that scene, close to the end of Book Two of V for Vendetta, where Evey enters the Shadow Gallery and realises where she’s been all along? The first full-page splash, simple and stunning, in a comic … Continue reading

Everything you once were

Rereading Swamp Thing #144 to #150 by Mark Millar, Phil Hester and Kim DeMulder.  We are in Vertigo now, in Mark Millar’s Swamp Thing. The formalisation of the Mature Readers stroke Karen Berger unofficial universe hit during the Nancy A Collins years. We’re still in the first phase of Vertigo as the Morrison/Millar revamp begins, … Continue reading

Crashing into history

Rereading Swamp Thing #82-#87 by Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala, Tom Yeates and Tom Mandrake.  Time in comics is weird, as Scott McCloud noted in his short chapter on it in Understanding Comics, because of the movement of the reader’s eye. Time is strictly linear in movies, and it’s linear in books with the option to … Continue reading

In our sunset years: more thoughts on Before Watchmen

My feelings on Before Watchmen were, I think, best summed up by Steve-O in Jackass: “It’s like when your parents said ‘I’m not mad at you, just disappointed.’ You know that hurts so much more.” I’d never seriously doubted the Watchmen 2 rumours on Bleeding Cool, especially when they were supported by Moore’s revelation that … Continue reading