A work as grand and various as that

Reviewing Jerusalem by Alan Moore, published by Knockabout in the UK and Liveright in the US.  Let’s divide things arbitrarily into threes. If Alan Moore’s career is considered in the usual periods of early Moore, mid-Moore and late Moore, we’re clearly into the last one. The first has a mountain of work but a trilogy … Continue reading


What is it called, this new music? The sound that’s taken over, the transatlantic collision between European dance and American hip hop and R&B that’s ruled the radio for the last what, three years at least. The David Guetta sound, the Calvin Harris sound, the Torqux sound. Does it have a name? Or are names … Continue reading

Kick, Push

Music is mnemonic for me; it brings back the time and the place when I heard it even if there’s nothing memorable about that time and place. For example: I first heard Kick, Push about a year ago, late for work again in the low winter sun, driving along the A5 in the East Midlands … Continue reading

Northern Lights

The whole point of this song comes at two-and-a-half minutes and lasts for the minute until it finishes. A kind of fan-hatched synth-sound that gives me a mental picture of space geometrically folding in on itself, black prisms manifesting out of the air and disappearing back into nothing, leaving white linear scars behind them, it’s … Continue reading

The return of Rae & Christian

Those of us who suffer, like Anthony H Wilson, from an excess of civic pride have had a bit of a problem over the last twenty years. Namely that Manchester, the wellspring of our pride, hasn’t had the musical chops to justify its reputation. Post-Madchester, after the implosion of the Happy Mondays and the wheels … Continue reading

“Welcome to Death”

It probably happened in 2003 or 2004, though I can’t be any more accurate than that. A man, a professional driver of some kind, was driving along in a van with a friend in the Torfaen area of Gwent, South Wales. He turned to that friend and said, for no reason the friend was ever … Continue reading