A job like this just isn’t his style: Dave Gibbons and Before Watchmen

As the release of the first Before Watchmen comics approaches, the internet arguments about it gradually lose their colour and intensity. After the first fortnight they became ritualised, each side knowing their lines and reciting with little variation: the anti-BW arguments dropping Kirby and Siegel and Shuster and creators’ rights, the pro-BW throwing up the … Continue reading

In our sunset years: more thoughts on Before Watchmen

My feelings on Before Watchmen were, I think, best summed up by Steve-O in Jackass: “It’s like when your parents said ‘I’m not mad at you, just disappointed.’ You know that hurts so much more.” I’d never seriously doubted the Watchmen 2 rumours on Bleeding Cool, especially when they were supported by Moore’s revelation that … Continue reading

Toking down on some Kryptonese Red

Rereading Swamp Thing #77-#81 by Rick Veitch, Alfredo Alcala, Tom Mandrake, Jamie Delano and Steve Bissette. We can think of Rick Veitch’s first year on Swamp Thing as a combination of Moore’s first year and American Gothic: the creation of a new modus operandi for the character interleaved with an odyssey of modern American horror. … Continue reading

Nothing ever ends: thoughts on Before Watchmen

The job I’ve set myself in this blog is to consider the canon of adult comics in their context: to look at the artistic and storytelling decisions that were influenced by their times and to explain where of these 25-year old titles were breaking the mold and where they were, even unconsciously, conforming to it. … Continue reading