Rather break things

Rereading Skin by Brendan McCarthy and Peter Milligan. Censorship in a free society isn’t monolithic. It isn’t the state, a grey bureaucrat in Central Office, who stamps transgressive art as unworthy of mass consumption. The process is instead gradual, the work of many hands each with an individual standard of what society can endure. Free … Continue reading

A lovespoke in the grim wheel

Rereading Rogan Gosh by Brendan McCarthy and Peter Milligan. If all art aspires to the condition of music then comics get closer than most. The cognitive and aesthetic senses are engaged simultaneously, the mind swept along with story and empathy while the eye delights in beauty. In theory. I mean, presumably nobody’s thinking that when … Continue reading

Let us share our insane juices

Rereading Paradax by Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy.  In every medium there are pieces of art ignored at the time that become enormously influential. The Velvet Underground are the obvious example in music; according, disputedly, to Brian Eno, everyone who bought their first album formed a band. Paradax is 32 pages long – four eight-page … Continue reading