Hiatus over

I thought to myself, at the start of the current hiatus back in April, “maybe I’ll give myself six weeks this time.” More like six months. Which isn’t, for a blog, any good. In my defence it’s not been a content-free six months, with posts I’d planned for a while on journalism, comics, art and an unplanned collaborative few blogs on Marshal Law which will reach their conclusion next week. After that, with a little prelude, a new series of Monday blogs on comics begins: at least seventeen blogs covering Matt Wagner’s Grendel. Which, because I’ve taken so long getting around to it, will probably be appearing in his new crossover with The Shadow by the time I’ve finished. And like the diligent blog author I aspire to be, I’ve actually got a few of these done in advance so we will be on schedule. It’ll be like Ultimates 2, all regular and great until the system completely breaks down.

(Aside: the Grendel/Shadow crossover, published at some point in 2013, gives me the perfect opening to blog about that wonderful and forgotten Mature Readers series The Shadow, from the Chaykin miniseries through the Helfer-Sienkiewicz-Baker regular series. Only trouble is, I only own some of them and can’t find scans. If any readers of this blog have scans or can point me to them, I’d be very grateful…)

This blog’s longest silence yet was broken, at the beginning of this week, by an uncharacteristic post about music; specifically the new album by Rae & Christian. Not necessarily the best way to come back, but I’d been provided with it and wanted to write about it. It has, however, spurred me to move forward with an ambition I’d always had for this blog, which is to write more about music and about songs I love. That starts this Friday, with a new weekly series I’ll introduce properly tomorrow.

So: six months of bugger all, followed by an earnest apology, excuses and a commitment to posting twice a week. You’ve all seen this before. This is the last post ever to be made on this blog, right?

Guess we’ll see.

2 Responses to “Hiatus over”
  1. Bob Temuka says:

    There is gonna be a Grendel/Shadow crossover?!? I totally missed that!

    • There is indeed. The first new Grendel material in some years, though personally I could do without Hunter Rose falling through time and would prefer the Batman/Grendel approach of explaining nothing, just having them interact.

      Further to my request for Shadow scans above, I’ve now been furnished with them by Deep Space Transmissions, for which much thanks. To be blogged about next year…

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