Part of no place completely

Rereading The Demon, from 1987, by Matt Wagner and Art Nichols.  So I decided, as a prelude to spending half-a-year at least blogging about Matt Wagner’s Grendel, that I’d write about Matt Wagner’s The Demon. A four-issue 1987 miniseries following the character’s appearance in Moore’s Swamp Thing, written and drawn by Wagner and released concurrently … Continue reading

Northern Lights

The whole point of this song comes at two-and-a-half minutes and lasts for the minute until it finishes. A kind of fan-hatched synth-sound that gives me a mental picture of space geometrically folding in on itself, black prisms manifesting out of the air and disappearing back into nothing, leaving white linear scars behind them, it’s … Continue reading

The bile no longer rises in my throat

Rereading Marshal Law vs Pinhead: Law In Hell, Marshal Law: Secret Tribunal, Marshal Law & Savage Dragon and Marshal Law & The Mask by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill. The final part of a dialogue about Marshal Law with Joe McCulloch, blogger, contributor to the Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast and writer for The Comics Journal, no less. … Continue reading

Disco Compilation

Some songs, all the elements are right and they still don’t work. Your favourite artist, your favourite remixer, a great song and it’s a dud. So you get to be suspicious of a song that has all the right credibility before you’ve heard it, having learned from experience that the sum of the parts is … Continue reading

Slow DJ

My relationship to music is basically that of the DJ. I’m a song junkie, roaming across genres from the unsigned to the uncool finding tracks that get into my head and putting them together for sub-80-minute sets. Tracks clash and fray, fit sweetly together or contrast meaningfully, and the whole takes you on a journey … Continue reading

Hiatus over

I thought to myself, at the start of the current hiatus back in April, “maybe I’ll give myself six weeks this time.” More like six months. Which isn’t, for a blog, any good. In my defence it’s not been a content-free six months, with posts I’d planned for a while on journalism, comics, art and … Continue reading

The return of Rae & Christian

Those of us who suffer, like Anthony H Wilson, from an excess of civic pride have had a bit of a problem over the last twenty years. Namely that Manchester, the wellspring of our pride, hasn’t had the musical chops to justify its reputation. Post-Madchester, after the implosion of the Happy Mondays and the wheels … Continue reading