A leather-clad Tinkerbell

Rereading Marshal Law: Fear & Loathing by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill. I’m joined for a dialogue about Marshal Law with Joe McCulloch, blogger, contributor to the Comic Books Are Burning In Hell podcast and writer for The Comics Journal no less.  ME: I came into the recently published Marshal Law Deluxe hardcover with a … Continue reading

My own private League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

You’d obviously speculate. Back when the League was just a Victorian thing, when any possible 20th century was unconceived, when Allan and Mina has normal lifespans, I did. Along with other comics obsessives on a messageboard that began as a long postscript to Grant Morrison’s Invisibles, I wondered who would be members of a 1998 … Continue reading

Fiction germinates

Rereading The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Book III: Century, by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill.  You read the first two books of a series and they’re about the Justice Society: Superman and Hawkman and Starman and the Atom and all those guys. You get to know them. Then book three comes out and it’s about … Continue reading