The Alan Moore plagiarism scandal

The Alan Moore trolls – every comments section has one – have got their schtick pretty much down by now. He never created a character in his life. He doesn’t want other people doing Watchmen but he made Peter Pan’s Wendy do Alice in Wonderland. He supports Occupy wearing V masks which is hypocritical because he didn’t like the V film. He doesn’t even read comics now, so how can he criticise them?

Only the problem is that these stock criticisms are getting a bit too familiar. They’re not hitting the nerve points anymore; they don’t muster the levels of outrage trolls live for. So, in my generosity, I give those trolls a gift: proof that Alan didn’t just steal the Charlton characters for Watchmen, he also plagiarised another book. Yes, Moore stole from a fellow author. Or authors, because the book in question was written by three men: The Goodies.

If you’re young or not British or both, you probably won’t remember The Goodies. Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden were, in the 1970s, Monty Python for kids, with a TV show and records and books of their surreal comedy. The second of those books, The Goodies’ Book of Criminal Records, was like most British comedy books a collection of documents about the characters.The most unhinged Goodie, Bill Oddie, is represented with a few pages of psychiatric notes from his time in an asylum.

Check out this page, about a dream he had:


And then there’s this page. Note the twisted little line drawing at the bottom left.


Take the typewritten notes about a dream, add in a twisted little drawing, and what do you get? This page, from chapter six of Watchmen.


Case closed. Moore busted. Trolls: you’re welcome.

3 Responses to “The Alan Moore plagiarism scandal”
  1. You don’t seem to know what the word “plagiarism” means.

  2. Dave Leho says:

    Its always good to get some great info on comics and graphic novels from somebody elses point of view. I just want to say thank you for shedding light and sharing your opinion. No doubt you will find others who really feel strongly for and against what you have to say about graphic novels and comic books however it ought to not matter in the least. Keep on posting and I will keep on reading..

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