“Welcome to Death”

It probably happened in 2003 or 2004, though I can’t be any more accurate than that. A man, a professional driver of some kind, was driving along in a van with a friend in the Torfaen area of Gwent, South Wales. He turned to that friend and said, for no reason the friend was ever … Continue reading


Writing about Crisis was an unplanned excursion but a fun one, giving me the chance to cover something new every week that was often wildly different than the week before. There’s a lot of ground between Bible John and Third World War and Skin, after all.  Next I plan, as promised about six months or … Continue reading

Crisis over

It’s appropriate that I concluded writing about Crisis in the week Thatcher died. Her presence was all over Crisis; she appeared as Gloria Monday in Dan Dare, she appeared as herself with her emasculated late Cabinet in True Faith, she appeared symbolically in a panel of The New Adventures of Hitler when John Bull was … Continue reading

Rather break things

Rereading Skin by Brendan McCarthy and Peter Milligan. Censorship in a free society isn’t monolithic. It isn’t the state, a grey bureaucrat in Central Office, who stamps transgressive art as unworthy of mass consumption. The process is instead gradual, the work of many hands each with an individual standard of what society can endure. Free … Continue reading