Makes everything seem so miserable

Rereading Dare: The Future by Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes. How many years will it take for historians to produce an objective, sober assessment of what Margaret Thatcher did to Britain? How many decades? 22 years haven’t been enough. Her legacy, using that word neutrally, is as passionately disputed now as it was when she … Continue reading

I hated you first

Rereading Insiders by Mark Millar and Paul Grist.  So what about if it happens the other way? What’s the result when a writer who wants nothing more than to write Superman and Wolverine and Judge Dredd has to write socially relevant stuff about the real world, instead of the reverse? You get Mark Millar and … Continue reading

What was Suggested for Mature Readers: the results

A few days ago, I asked if anyone could remember what the DC Mature Readers titles were that didn’t end up as part of the Vertigo line. Commenters nieljacoby, Aman Withastrangename and Richard responded, reminding me of a few and pointing me in the right direction to find others. My unscientific approach has been to … Continue reading

Opal Fruits, Milky Bars, toy soldiers

Rereading Still Life by John Smith and Sean Phillips. I got a couple of new graphic novels for Christmas, which might be a surprise to readers of this blog to whom I’m a fanboy Amish who refuses to admit the existence of anything published after 1995. I’ve spent half the last month reading Brandon Graham’s … Continue reading

What was Suggested for Mature Readers?

The accepted progression, historically, is that the Mature Readers label evolved out of Swamp Thing’s lack of Comics Code and Sophisticated Suspense cover line, and that the title’s success led to a mini-line of Mature Readers titles created by British writers, and that became Vertigo. That’s not inaccurate. But it doesn’t tell the whole story. … Continue reading