Following last week’s post on the greatest of all Great Britain’s superheroes, I’m taking a break from regular blogging for what could be a fortnight or a month. I hope to still post occasionally – it’s this blog’s first birthday on Tuesday so I’ll try to put something together for then – but I started a new job in September and the exhaustion’s really kicking in, and sometimes it’s nice to read some comics without planning to write about them.

When I return I’ll be going back to a publication which featured one of our British superheroes to cover it in more detail. Crisis, the Fleetway publication which began with the New Statesmen, featured some remarkable work written by Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar and John Smith over its run, so I want to go through it chronologically (more or less) and write about all the stories I think are noteworthy, interesting or just plain fun. It’s an idea indirectly suggested by The Beast Must Die of the Mindless Ones’ Silence podcast, who identified the USP of this blog as a focus on one particular period in comics’ history. While I do, I promise, read and enjoy many comics published in the 21st century I do find I’ve more to say about the stuff from the Dark Age, that fertile period which still informs so much that’s published today. Covering lots of shorter stories should be a worthwhile change of pace and there’s a good mix of the sublime and the fatuous in there.

Thanks for reading, closed for lunch, back soon…


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