Following last week’s post on the greatest of all Great Britain’s superheroes, I’m taking a break from regular blogging for what could be a fortnight or a month. I hope to still post occasionally – it’s this blog’s first birthday on Tuesday so I’ll try to put something together for then – but I started … Continue reading

Fly the flag proudly, son!

Rereading Big Dave by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Steve Parkhouse, Anthony Williams and Gina Hart.  Superheroes came too late for Britain. In the Golden Age, the 1930s, we were going through an undeclared civil war between the haves and the have-nots, no longer certain of our identity. In the Silver Age, the 1960s, we were … Continue reading

Kill all the superheroes

Rereading Captain Britain by Alan Moore and Alan Davis.  In a way, we were quite lucky with Captain Britain. Okay, so he was an aristocrat given superpowers by Merlin at Stonehenge who wore a rampant lion over a Union Jack on his chest, but it could have been much worse. For example, this letter from … Continue reading