Paradax lost

I’d planned to cover Paradax, the short-lived Peter Milligan-Brendan McCarthy high fashion superhero, after I’ve finished writing about New Statesmen but I can’t locate a scanned copy of Paradax #2. I have #1, which features one adventure of Paradax alongside other stuff, but need a scanned copy of either #2 of the two-issue Vortex series or scans of the three issues of Strange Days which #2 was reprinted and recoloured from. If anyone can help please contact me at my Twitter, @janeanpatience. Thanks.

3 Responses to “Paradax lost”
  1. Tom Murphy says:

    Hi – if you haven’t located a copy yet, I could scan Paradax #2 for you; it might take a couple of days, though (just back from holiday). Tom M

    • janeanpatience says:


      that would be a great kindness, thanks very much. I have been unsuccessful despite scouring the web and I don’t have a copy myself nor have I ever seen one.

      I’m still on New Statesmen this week and next week, so you don’t have to rush to the scanner. Ideally I’d like to start reading a week tomorrow but I’ll depend on your kindness. If you have a Twitter acount, DM me on that and I’ll give you an email address etc.

      Thanks again.

      • Tom Murphy says:

        My pleasure – I’m a big fan of your blog; it coves what I think of as very much ‘my’ comics. This kind of historical analysis is also the sort of thing I’d like to develop on my own blog as I, ahem, find my voice.

        I’ve also been captivated by Milligan & McCarthy for 25+ years now, so I’m happy to do what I can to facilitate coverage of their work.

        I made a start on the ish last night; I’d forgotten that it includes a foreword by M&M that you might find useful; it briefly covers their views on superheroes and what they were hoping to achieve with Paradax. I’ll try and get it done over the next couple of nights.

        I’m already following you on the Twitter (@FullPageBleed), so I’ll DM you a bit later


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