I blogged from another universe

A guest post I wrote for Bob Temuka’s fine comics blog The Tearoom of Despair has been published. Bob invited me to write, alongside a host of much more distinguished bloggers, while he was in the UK. Unknown to him I’d been considering asking if I could write one of his Another Universe series for a while after being inspired by a post on Heidi MacDonald’s The Beat comparing the treatment of Alan Moore by DC with the way HarperCollins treated JK Rowling. I like the result. It’s wish fulfilment, but we’re already living in the Days of Future Past future of comics, a blasted dystopia where they barely survive.

If you’ve been brought to this blog by that post welcome. I write every Monday, occasionally skipping a week, about comics. Right now I’m writing about British superheroes and have another two weeks on Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith before I move on to John Smith and Jim Baikie’s New Statesmen.


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