The careless and foggy continuum

Rereading Marvelman Book Two by Alan Moore, Alan Davis, Chuck Beckum, Rick Veitch, John Ridgway, and Rick Bryant. Remember that scene, close to the end of Book Two of V for Vendetta, where Evey enters the Shadow Gallery and realises where she’s been all along? The first full-page splash, simple and stunning, in a comic … Continue reading

Why didn’t we realise what they were doing to our lives?

Rereading Marvelman/Miracleman Book One by Alan Moore, Garry Leach and Alan Davis.  Writing about the early days of Swamp Thing was writing about a vanished world, where readers chose their comics by rifling through the sheaf on the shelves of their local newsagent, where fill-in issues appeared as regularly as annuals and any comic more than … Continue reading