How to get sued

Evan Dorkin’s fantastic humour comic Dork, a collection of which I was flicking through the other day, was even funny on its contents page. One of the regular features there was a one-panel strip called How To Get Sued, which began with Mickey Mouse saying how much he hated kids, and also carried this fun number:

You get the idea, right? Valued intellectual property behaving in ways that its owners and protectors would never allow. Like this:

Oh, wait. Something seems familiar about that…

Well, shit. I can’t imagine Mickey Mouse or the other members of the Clubhouse bitching about how they hate kids, nor can I imagine Tintin turning anti-Semitic in the sequel to his recent movie, but it seems that some guardians of intellectual property are less rigorous than others.

Next in the New 52, this:

(Apologies to Evan Dorkin and my readers for the awful scans.)


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