How to get sued

Evan Dorkin’s fantastic humour comic Dork, a collection of which I was flicking through the other day, was even funny on its contents page. One of the regular features there was a one-panel strip called How To Get Sued, which began with Mickey Mouse saying how much he hated kids, and also carried this fun … Continue reading

A job like this just isn’t his style: Dave Gibbons and Before Watchmen

As the release of the first Before Watchmen comics approaches, the internet arguments about it gradually lose their colour and intensity. After the first fortnight they became ritualised, each side knowing their lines and reciting with little variation: the anti-BW arguments dropping Kirby and Siegel and Shuster and creators’ rights, the pro-BW throwing up the … Continue reading


In travelling from Swamp Thing #21, The Anatomy Lesson and the first real issue of Alan Moore’s run through to Swamp Thing #171, the final issue of Mark Millar’s run, I wanted to set boundaries. Beginning before the Mature Readers revolution in the mainstream happened, in the dark corner that the Dark Age first grew … Continue reading

Just another dead bird

Rereading Swamp Thing #166-#171 by Mark Millar, Phillip Hester and Kim DeMulder.  The beginning of the Dark Age of comics, a phrase which refers to the adult comics stroke graphic novel revolution in the mainstream which I’m finding increasingly useful, was also the end of something. It was, approximately, the last time anyone joined the … Continue reading

I believed in a million things and none of them were right

Rereading Swamp Thing #159 and #165 by Mark Millar, Jill Thompson, Curt Swan, Kim DeMulder and Phillip Hester. Sincerity is a question that’s debated in few areas of the arts except superhero comics. Does the Ghost Rider artist believe in Ghost Rider? Do they mean it? Have they wanted to draw a man with a … Continue reading