Your infectious life

Rereading Hellblazer Annual #1 and Hellblazer #39-#40 by Jamie Delano, Bryan Talbot, Dean Motter, Steve Pugh and Dave McKean. All the dodging around that Alan Moore had to do on Swamp Thing, working with crossovers, working with fill-in artists and the scheduling of Annuals, working with the artists to write stories they’d like to draw, … Continue reading

A crossover and a crossover thwarted

The Family Man storyline in Hellblazer contains the second unheralded Sandman crossover in the comics I’ve covered. The first was the journey of Matt Cable from husband-in-a-coma in Swamp Thing to raven-in-the-Dreaming in Sandman which is, considering the prominence of Matthew the raven in Sandman, a pretty significant one. This one is tiny, a nod … Continue reading

Never let memory step on your shadow

Rereading Hellblazer #31 and #34-#36 by Jamie Delano and Sean Phillips.  Where does the story arc come from? From which comics did it arise, and how did arcs become the standard unit of comics storytelling? In an earlier post on this blog I wondered if American Gothic, in Moore’s Swamp Thing, was the first named … Continue reading

I was a killer as soon as I bought the gun

Rereading Hellblazer #23-#24 and #28-#30 by Jamie Delano, Ron Tiner, Kev Walker and Mark Buckingham. We talk, us comics readers, about creative teams. The writer and artist are usually the focus, but in truly transcendent works the colourist, the letterer and the editor all contribute as much. A good team is more than the sum … Continue reading